4 Different Ways That Seniors Can Benefit From CBD Oil

Defined as this generation’s “miracle cure” for anything from migraines to seizures, cannabis has come a long way from its harsh criminalization and the societal taboo it used to carry. Cannabis used to be considered as “a drug that can ruin lives,” but with an insanely-wide range of benefits that span across all types of … Read more

Vaping CBD – What to Know

woman vaping cbd pen

What You Need to Know About Vaping CBD After years of shunning every cannabis-derived product, the use of cannabidiol is finally starting to become widespread. Especially vaping cbd oil! Why? In retrospect, humans are said to have utilized cannabis products for quite a number of things — from shoes, clothes, and shelter to flour for … Read more

CBD Oil for Pain: Sciatica Nerve

CBD Oil for Pain

Have you tried CBD oil for pain in your Sciatica nerve? A study done at Harvard on pain relief has shown that CBD oil along with creams or lotions can help relieve sciatica and other types of pain.⁣ Don’t get me wrong, I’m not claiming that CBD oil can or will cure the issue. I have seen it relieve … Read more